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Saturday, August 8, 2015

What I Learned at Lolla

This was my first time at Lollapalooza since it moved to Grant Park. Yup. I'm that hip (read, "old.") I was at the fest when it was hosted at Poplar Creek! Jane's Addiction's very own Perry Farrell was one of the founders. And many bands coined as "alternative" got their original recognition from being a part of this touring festival. (One of my all time favorites is Violent Femmes. :)

So being there with my daughters—and 300,000+ others—this past weekend was an electrifying experience. I know that it might seem cliché to speak/write about experiences related to music festivals, but since it's new to me, I'm gonna give it a go. Here are my thoughts:

  1. Chicago rocks. Period.
  2. Alabama Shakes rocks. Double period.
  3. Alabama Shakes w/ Paul McCartney is a once in a life-time experience. If you left, it's your fault. It was magical!
  4. Walk the Moon's guitarist split his jeans. Still played. Had a ball. A man after my own heart.
  5. Sam Smith can captivate any audience. And make them believe they can sing. Even if they can't, they still sound wonderful.
  6. Coin. An up-and-coming-band who deserves our support. So humble. And talented. And passionate. Hoping they "make it."
  7. Being a teacher is the worst kind of celebrity at these occasions. Trust me. 
  8. I can eat pizza. And cheese fries. Under any circumstance.
  9. Being short is the best bonus. People block the sun, don't notice you, help you through crowds, and provide assistance. I love being "little."
  10. The stupidest thing I did at Lolla? Ran home from the train station in a lightning storm. Ignoring my science background, I was worried about my pup. Seriously, I should be fired for stupidity. Or dead. 
  11. My daughters both have incredible taste in music. Unique, but wonderful. I'll follow them each. Learning new things along the way, any time, any place.
  12. I'm the luckiest woman in the world. Although Lolla didn't teach me that, it reinforced it. :)
Getting tix for next year. With my girls. Perhaps VIPs. :)

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