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Monday, March 1, 2010

The Need for Creativity in Education

Just saw this TedTalk. Yes, it's a bit old, but it is funny, thought-provoking and still very much relevant. Take a look. How creative do you feel as an educator? Do you take risks? And most importantly, what do you do in your classroom to nurture the creativity in students?

Some interesting thoughts/quotes from the video:
(1) Creativity is as important as literacy in education.
(2) If you're not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original.
(3) We're educating our children out of their creative capacities.
(4) Shakespeare was in somebody's English class, wasn't he?
(5) There isn't an education system on earth that has a unique hierarchy. Math and science on top; Humanities in the middle; then the arts at the bottom.
(6) If you were to explain the purpose of public education to an alien, you'd have to conclude that it is to produce university professors...Professors live in their heads...This is not the way most of the world lives.
(7) We need to radically rethink our view of intelligence.
(8) We have to rethink the fundamental principles on which we are educating our children.
(9) If Gillian Lynne had been assessed in our time, she would've been diagnosed with ADHD, put on medication and told to calm down. Back in the 1930s, when she was 8, her doctor instead told her to go to a dance school. She did. And she became a choreographer and dancer and multimillionaire. She did Cats, Phantom, etc. Dozens! She's brought happiness to millions of people.
(10) The last clip is incredible.


Ryan Bretag said...

Great thoughts, Joan. Have you read Awakening Genius? I'm sure you have but this talk always reminds me of Armstrong's work and how we often fail to see the genius in people including failure to recognize the power of creative thinking.

Often, we speak of critical thinking but fail to bring in creative think. Both of these are vital to quality of thought and life success.

J. Gallagher said...

I have a copy of Awakening Genius but haven't read it yet. Looking forward to it now!

Indeed, creative think is basically nonexistent in too many places in education. Sad, but true. Two of my favorite quotes related to this discussion:

1. "Creativity takes courage." ~Henri Matisse
2.“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” ~Scott Adams