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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Why Am I a Teacher?

Always and forever worth asking. I do it every day. Certainly I ask it at different levels or for different reasons, but I do visit it in some way, shape or form each day. The one part of this video that was so powerful for me, particularly at this point in my twenty-year, and shall we say, adventure-filled-as-of-late, career was the following quote, "Don't let your teaching life make a mockery of your teaching values. Let your teaching values guide your teaching life." No matter what your surroundings may be, good or bad, make a literal or mental poster referred to in the video and "touch it every day." What wonderful, wonderful advice. I wish you a wonderful journey this year! Enjoy!


S. Bolos said...

I think this might be perfect for a group of beginning teachers, too!

Amber said...

I found this blog after searching "why am I a teacher?" due to a terrible day at parent/teacher meetings. One parent accused me of singling her daughter out and calling her a liar, which I of course, did not do. I was and still am heart broken over this. I did hear more positive comments than negative, but that one negative keeps ringing in my ears. I may watch this video over and over this weekend.

Wise Up Lago Norte said...

Wow, this is awesome advice! We're constantly asking ourselves this question, since being a teacher is going from heaven to hell in a second! There are so many frustrating situations, but it pays off when you see the evolution of a student or when you see your student applying what you just taught...!